Human Aspects

Human Aspects

This section focuses on the human aspects of the human right to communicate. There are entries on major figures, personal profiles, student views and real stories. You are invited to submit materials for inclusion in this section.

Major Figures

In the history of the right to communicate, there are major figures: persons who played key roles for several years and who made lasting contributions. From publications, notes, letters and conversations, a brief article has been prepared for each major figure. In most cases, each article follows a simple pattern: introduction, three distinctive themes, summary. From time to time, new articles will be prepared.

Personal Profiles

Any person associated with the right to communicate is likely to be asked questions such as: how did you first become interested in the rtc? what interests you most about the rtc now? what will it take to keep you interested in the rtc in future? The answers to these three questions provided by persons actively associated with a range of right to communicate activities will be found below.

Student Views

The student views presented below, in most cases, were prepared in response to a formal 'assignment.' Professor Jerzy Pomorski of Krakow asks students to develop a short essay of about 40 to 45 lines on the right to communicate and related topics. Here we call this short essay the 'Polish Page.' Students preparing a Polish Page are encouraged to state their own opinions on a clearly described aspect of the right to communicate. While a student is expected to have heard a lecture, done some reading, browsed this website, and otherwise studied the right to communicate, the Polish Page should display original thinking. New Polish Pages will be added here from time to time.

Real Stories

While it is important to study the human rights instruments, it is also important to talk about the right to communicate in everyday life -- to tell each other real stories about it. Real life stories can most clearly reveal unmet human communication needs that current communication rights instruments do not fully address.

Submit Materials

You are cordially invited to submit content for the major figures, personal profiles, student views and real story sections.

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