Instructional Methods

Instructional Methods

Many methods have been used to develop instructional materials for learning about human rights. One purpose of this website is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of instructional materials available on the right to communicate.

Human Rights procedures

Human Rights present a number of challenges in terms of instructional methods. Human Rights education requires an approach to instruction that is wider in scope and larger in scale than most educational programs currently provide. The resources gathered here can both provide such a larger perspective and link to other resources that do so as well.

Human Rights Resource Center

The Human Rights Resource Center is maintained by the University of Minnesota. Its main goal is to make 'excellent Human Rights produced by non-profit organizations and independent publishers accessible to all.'

This website groups its materials under the broad categories of Human Rights resources, Training and Field Opportunities, and Advocacy Networks. In each of these categories, one will find materials helpful in developing an outline into instructional material on the right to communicate.

Human Rights

This essay provides a broad introduction 'into the origin, nature, and content of human rights ...'  It discusses the many different things covered by the term Human Rights across two thousand years of history. This essay provides a framework for thinking about and for developing instructional materials that promote Human Rights, including the right to communicate. Of particular importance is the distinction between domestic and global dimensions of all rights.

Methodologies for Human Rights Education

Links various methodologies to various educational goals and objectives and educational levels. 'Some educational goals bearing on human rights can be derived directly from international human rights instruments. Some goals are driven by a framework of social needs ... and long term projects.'  This source connects curriculum planning, empowerment, user groups and evaluation.

Web-based tools

Some of the  web-based instructional methods may be useful for on line and oncampus instruction on the right to communicate. Please see the tools that are presented here.


Description of web-based tools. An array of useful methods along with links to a variety of resources.Content  box on web based tools.


Offers annotated links to a variety of training and educational resources that can assist in transforming outlines into useful instructional materials.

Web Based Instruction Resources

Developed by  University of California at Berkeley. Provides examples of courses and design information. This 'resource' is both extensive and comprehensive. Provides links to many other sources, some of which are likely to be helpful to anyone attempting to apply web- based methods to the development of outlines into useful instructional materials on the right to communicate.

Integrating the Web for Learning

An easy introduction that provides a 'broader contextual framework cybespace.'

Other approaches

Many traditional approaches to instruction can be used successfully for the right to communicate. Structure and organization are necessary to distinguish the forest from the trees

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