Instructional Outlines

Instructional Outlines

The outlines presented below were developed for use with this website. An interested instructor or a motivated student can, using a variety of methods, develop these outlines into useful instructional meterials for a person or a group. Both online and oncampus options are feasible.


A number of assignments are outlined here that can help a student develop an understanding of the right to communicate.

  • Right to Communicate in the Universal Declaration
  • Local Communication Problems and Communication Rights


Each of the modules requires completion of a significant task required for an understanding of the right to communicate.


Some of the above modules can, with appropriate adjustments, be used to build a formal pre-high school, high school, undergraduate or graduate course on the right to communicate.


A formal undergraduate or graduate course can, with appropriate adjustments, provide the introductory content for a research seminar on the right to communicate for advanced graduate students. The outlines included in this section have been or can be used to develop advanced graduate level seminars that are sensitive to local conditions.

  • UHM seminar on the right to communicate


The above assignment, module, course and seminar instructional materials can help prepare any student to pursues some particular question orproblem on the right to communicate as directed reading, independent reserach or an undergraduate or graduate thesis.


Any person or group can draw on the above instructional materials to outline a program of independent study on the right to communicate that can range from a brief introduction to a self-study program.

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