Resolutions project: Toward a common understanding

Resolutions project: Toward a common understanding

The term common understanding is taken from the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; it is presented there as a long-term goal for all human rights.

The right to communicate resolutions collected here were drafted, discussed and voted on by international groups of various types. Most of these resolutions would each have required a thousand or more person-hours of work.

Discussion and study of these resolutions may yield information that will move toward a common understanding of the right to communicate.

Core rights

The 1976 Unesco Report in paragraph 23 states that 'a relatively small number of specific communication rights may come to constitute the core of the right to communicate.' This project can test that hypothesis.

The Buddhist Eight Fold Path and the Christian Ten Commandments, and other guidelines that endure, tend to be relatively short. Here George Miller's 'Magic Number Seven, plus or minus two' can offer guidance.


To examine the resolutions collected here, a number of methods will be needed.

  • Content analysis
  • Q-sort
  • Matrix analysis And, probably others.

The intent will be to distill from this body of text a small number of short and clear statements that can guide human communication behavior globally -- of everyone.


In international organizations, Unesco, for example, resolutions are usually composed in two parts: a preamble that includes the 'favorite ideas' of the meeting participants and an operative section that spells out what action is to be taken, by whom, when, etc. This process, while it can make participants 'happy,' tends to produce long resolutions.

So, the key task of this project is to distill fourteen resolutions into 'a relatively small number' of short, clear declarative statements that constitute specific communication rights. A simple but quite difficult task, perhaps suitable for a Master's Thesis. Could be undertaken in several world regions.

lsh honolulu 10/16/2003

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