Organizations involved in The Right to Communicate

Since 1969, a number of organizations have demonstrated an active interest in the right to communicate. These organizations have had in the past or now have activities that generate new information or that contribute to programs of thought and action on the right. Within these, right to communicate activities appear to move in cycles: active for a time, revive after a dormant period, begin a new activity round. This website intends to encourage and to facilitate collaboration between and among these - and other - organizations.

United Nations Agencies

The three UN agencies with long-standing and on-going interests in the right to communicate are listed here.

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

The NGOs included in this section display a right to communicate statement prominently in their web materials and claim or appear to be a nongovernmental organization. Contact information is provided for each listed NGO. Note that most of the NGOs are also International Nongovernmental Organizations or INGOs.

Professional associations

The professional associations included in this section have contributed to the development of the right to communicate in various ways including but not limited to programs at annual conferences, publications and contributions of individual members.

If you know of additional organizations that should be listed here please let us know at [email address]

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