Research Related to The Right to Communicate

Along with dialog and study, there is a continuing need for multicultural, multisite and multimethod research on the right to communicate. To date, the right has been long on opinion and short on data.

Research on the right to communicate is a major objective of this website. It is hoped that this website will facilitate the use of existing research results and the producing and sharing of new research findings.

Research conducted here will seek to describe and define the right to communicate. Two concepts taken from the Preamble of the UDHR guide this work:
     common understanding: description
     common standard of achievement for all peoples: definition
Research toward a common understanding will draw on survey methods while research toward a common standard of achievement will utilize a variety of experimental methods.

Research Methods 

Systematic methods for research on the right to communicate have been little applied to date. While difficult, research methods that can illuminate important dimensions of the right do exist and can be applied. And, of course, the web opens new possibilities for collaborative and global undertakings.

How to obtain a 'representative sample of humankind' remains a fundamental issue for all Human Rights research. The right to communicate is no exception.

From time to time, additional research methods will be included here.test 

Research Projects 

Progress reports on research projects on the right to communicate will be carried here. It is hoped that students of the right from around the world -- of all ages and ideologies -- will undertake research projects on a routine basis.

Replication of the research projects described here is encouraged.

From time to time, new projects will be listed here.

Research Reports

Both online and inprint research reports will be accessible here, including links to selected student theses and dissertations.

From time to time, additional research reports will be included here. 

Research Proposals

Proposals section coming soon.

Submit Research Materials

Submition section coming soon.

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