Research Methods

Research Methods

Research on the right to communicate will need to be not only multicultural but also multisite and multimethod. The culture, site and method factors at times generate 'extreme' challenges. Fortunately, in an increasing number of cases, the Internet and the web can help to reduce these challenges to a tolerable level.


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Triangulation has been a design requirement from earliest times: use three or more research methods. Cross-check the results obtained from the different methods. Thus, the 'diversity' requirement of multiple cultures and sites is accompanied by a diversity requirement for methods. Note that methods selected for use will be value-sensitive rather than value-neutral.


In combination, even old and familiar methods can yield useful data. For example:

  • Group discussions, including focus groups and similar techniques
  • Surveying, including rating and ranking and similar techniques
  • Observation, including participant observation and similar techniques

While concerns for reliability and validity are ever present, even methods of low reliability can - in combination - yield results of high enough validity to be useful in a variety of applications.


Methods appropriate for multicultural, multisite and multimethod research on Human Rights, including on the right to communicate, appear not be numerous. When appropriate methods were not readily available, over the centuries scientists have simply invented methods appropriate to the problem at hand: Aristotle on logics, Albiruni on calendrical science, Galileo on experiments and, more recently, Lasswell on content analysis, Helmer on futures studies and Wedemeyer on needs-supplies-rights Delphi forecasts.

  • Lasswell - content analysis
  • Helmer - futures studies
  • Wedemeyer - needs-supplies-rights
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