Research Reports

Research Reports

Both online and inprint research reports are cited here. In general, the older the report, the more difficult it is to obtain a copy. For recent publications, abstracts are usually available online but the full report, in some cases, must be received by snailmail or borrowed through traditional library channels.

From time to time, additional research reports will be included here.

Fisher, Desmond, 1982

Right to communicate: Status report. Paris: Unesco. Reports and Papers on Mass Communication, #94.

A review of the materials on the right as of that date. Also, contains summaries of several Unesco documents on the right. Borrow from a Unesco Depository Library via the traditional library system.

ITU and Unesco, 1995

The right to communicate: at what cost? Paris: Unesco, CII.95/WS/2

Study of economic factors related to developing resources for the right to communicate. Download pdf file.

ITU, 1996-99

Right to Communicate: Inter-Agency Project on Universal Access to Basic Communication and Information Services. Geneva: ITU

Research review papers were prepared by ITU, ILO, UPU, UNESCO and UNDP. Also, Terms of Reference, Minutes of three Meetings and a formal Statement on Universal Access to Basic Communication and Information Services are included. A major report. Print out some or all of the files.

Matiation, Heather N., 1999

A Plea for Time: Northern Aboriginal peoples advocate for the right to communicate on  the information highway. Concordia University: M.A. Thesis in Mass Communications.

Abstract available at

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