Right to Communicate Group

Right to Communicate Group

The Right to Communicate Group guides this website, oversees right to communicate projects and publications, and undertakes related tasks as needed. In the usual sense of the term, it is a Working Group.

The Right to Communicate Group is organized as follows:


Dan J. Wedemeyer danw@hawaii.edu,  Honolulu


Jim Richstad jrichstad@seanet.com, Seattle


William F. Birdsall billbirdsall@accesswave.ca, Halifax

Mercedes Esquivel de Cocca mesquivel@cpacf.org.ar, Buenos Aires

Desmond Fisher dfisher@eircom.net, Dublin

Lachman Khubchandani sindhdoc@vsnl.net, Pune

William McIver mciver@albany.edu, Albany

Jerzy M. Pomorski mikuloj@ae.krakow.pl, Krakow

Merrilee Rasmussen rasmussen@sk.sympatico.ca, Regina

Jan Servaes j.servaes@uq.edu.au, Brisbane

Boonlert Supadhiloke boonlet@yahoo.com, Bangkok


Jenifer Winter jwinter@hawaii.edu, Honolulu

On right to communicate matters, contact the Group and any of its Members through email to individual members. The Group is loosely organized and task oriented. Persons who accept invitations to perform essential tasks may be listed as Group Members; some of the persons listed above were Members of the original Group. Contributing organizations may be listed as Group Affiliates. The Group will have up to sixteen active Members and Affiliates.

Note: The original Right to Communicate Group was initiated during the 1974 conference of the International Institute of Communications in Mexico City. Jean d'Arcy of Paris served as Chair and L. S. Harms of Honolulu as Secretary; the Group Secretariat was located at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu with the Right to Communicate Fund maintained at the University of Hawaii Foundation. As its first major task, the Group saw through to publication in 1977 the Collected Papers and the Evolving Perspectives collections. Later, the Group served a similar role for the New Human Right collection. The Group became inactive after the death of Jean d'Arcy in 1983; the re-activation process began on 12/03/2001 with the registration of the domain name, the URL: www.righttocommunicate.org. The 'official' launch of the website was a year later on 12/03/2002.

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