Submit Materials

Submit Educational Materials

To submit educational materials for inclusion here, please do the following:

First, in an email, indicate the nature and level of the material being submitted. Please use the terminology employed in this Education section.

  • Methods: Human Rights procedures, Web based tools, Other approaches
  • Outlines: Assignments, Modeule, Course, Seminar, Projects, Independent
  • Instruction: Per-Highs School, Highs School, Undergraduate, Graduate, Life-Long Learning

Second, as an attachment to the email, provide a brief title for your submission. Then, describe the nature of the material you are submitting; in most cases your description should run abour one hundred words. Some of your 'readers' will be young users of English as a second language; so, keep your description simple.

Finally if appropriate, provide the URL information need to provide a link to an external website. If you wish website users to be able to contact you directly, provide your email address. Use the following format:

  • Title: about five words
  • Description: in most cases, about 100 words
  • Web link: as needed
  • Your email address: if so desired

Note: this entire Education section is non-profit and non-commercial, as is the whole of this website. Some of the material is copyrighted.

Submit email and attachments to :

Thank you.


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