This section contains summaries of papers on the right to communicate from out of print books, hard to find journals and 'fugitive' sources. The authors of these papers write from diverse ideological, cultural and occupational backgrounds.

Each summary follows a simple pattern: introduction, three distinctive themes, conclusion.  These papers are coherent: most of the authors participated in discussions at Unesco or in professional associations, read some of the same background material and shared an interest in communication rights.

So, instead of the traditional abstract of a paper, each summary here features content that is deemed distinctive in each paper. In most cases, the summary includes and re-arranges sentence and paragraph length excerpts from the original text. Each summary runs about 350 words and prints out - hopefully - as a single page.

Full-page summaries of out of print papers are available here:

Collected Papers

Evolving Perspectives

A New Human Right

Selected Papers (1980-1995)

Books out of Print

Books in Print

The authors of these papers wrote in their personal capacities and, of course, they did not receive compensation for writing their papers. These summaries are being made available here with permission of and without charge by the copyright holders.

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